IBSG Infrastructure is a facility management & property maintenance firm serving several reputable companies and housing estates in the nation. We have gained grounds in the industry due to our leading edge technology as well as management innovations and is proud to have earned an incomparable reputation of providing the utmost quality services with courtesy , dependability and efficiency.

Property Maintenance

Our property maintenance services include:

  • General building maintenance
  • Plumbing & Electrical maintenance
  • Mechanical Systems(Air conditioning and ventilation systems)
  • Sewage and refuse management
  • Renovations
  • Office/Residential removal
  • Security management
  • Fire protection systems and devices
  • Cleaning and fumigation systems.

Facility Management

Our facility management services provide integrated maintenance services to residential and businesses across the country who are in need of outsourcing the maintenance of their properties as well as the management of facilities therein.

IBSG has a variety of service plans that suits every client.

Lightning Protection & Grounding Systems

We offer a comprehensive facility protection approach to solving the world's most difficult lightning systems. We also have the expertise to provide the optimal solution, from protection against direct lightning strikes to facility-wide electromagnetic, electrostatic, and power quality concerns.

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