IBSG Energy.

IBSG Energy portfolio includes oil & gas servicing, and power generation. IBSG provides fast track, customized energy solutions for our customers. We are currently seeking partnership with a reputable power generation company with proven track record to supply a range of power generating technologies to fast track generation capacity for identified captive markets in Nigeria, as a result of the urgent need for additional electricity.

IBSG Energy is currently at an advanced stage of discusion with a world acclaimed power generation company to deliver 100MegaWatts of power to select regions in Lagos state, and intend to expand in the near future.

IBSG Energy also has a trading unit that deals with trading of Oil & Gas produce, to take advantage of emerging opportunities in the downstream sector of oil & gas. We intend to over time, change the face of trading by creating a domestic oil & gas trading platform in Nigeria.

Our Applications

Distributed Generation

Simply put, Distributed generation means the generation of energy close to the point of use and ranges from 1 Kilowatt to 5 Megawatts. IBSG has identified select areas in Lagos, and Nigeria in general, where we can rapidly deploy power generation solutions and generate the required electricity and injecting it into the grid system.

Fast-Track Capacity

IBSG's fast-tack capacity provides energy solution to areas that lack existing power supply. The situation is mostly caused by natural disasters, failure of a power plant. Setup of such a system can be very rapid.

Dedicated Supply

IBSG's dedicated supply is targeted towards industrial companies, and other major facilities operating independently. Industrial customers are dependent upon constant power to ensure that maximum output is attained and costly plant outages are avoided. Basically, dedicated supply offers efficiency, quality of service, reliability and safety.